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How would I know if I have been affected?

We highly encourage you to review and monitor your account(s) on a regular basis. If you come across a transaction on your account that is not yours, please contact Landings Credit Union immediately. 

What if I used my Target debit or credit card and not my Landings debit or credit card?

As per Target’s website, if a customer has used their Target debit card and has been compromised, customers are instructed to contact Target directly at 866.852.8680 or visit Target's website.

Unfortunately, Landings has no ability to shut down a Target debit card or change any PIN numbers on a Target debit card.

Target has released an Important Notice regarding unauthorized access to payment card data.

What if I used my Landings Credit Union debit card?

If you used your Landings Credit Union debit card at Target between the dates of November 27th and December 15th, 2013 and feel your card may be compromised but have not seen any unknown transactions in your account(s), contact Landings Credit Union and we will shut down your current card and order you a new debit card.

If you do see unknown transactions on your account(s), please contact Landings Credit Union immediately. We can assist you in completing a debit dispute form

Will I be charged the $7.00 Debit Card Replacement Fee if I want a new debit card?

No. Landings Credit Union will waive the $7.00 debit card replacement fee in this situation.

Should I reset my PIN?

There is no indication that any card PIN information has been compromised. However, you are always welcome to change your PIN at any time if you choose to.

Is there anything I can do to help monitor my account(s)?

Yes. You can set up account alerts on the CU@Home website with various types of alerts. 

Alerts can be set up to advise you of transactions that hit your account over certain dollar amounts (i.e., $50, $75, $100, etc). You can even set up a low balance alert to inform you if your account balance goes below a certain dollar amount.